Forensic Science

Session 1

Analyze a crime Sean at a high school that was vandalize.

And also learned about how finger prints were used.

And leard about th

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session 2: lifted a finger print  to help find the person who vandalizes the school.

session 3 :Analyze a finger print to figure out who vandalized the school and learned about finger print DNA.

Session 4: we completed a DNA exhaustion. From the running well high school vandalism cause. And learned about DNA finger printing exhaustion

Session 4: we reviewed over DNA exstion. ALSO Fished  the DNA exhaustion.

Session 5: learned about the parts of the micro scope. defined the word trace evidence.collected evidence from the running well high school and anlezed it with the micro scope.

Session 6 Explored the proses of document annualized.

And completed a document ationalized.

Session 7: constructed a theory. Then identity feyed a suspected

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