Ice rinks and Pool Business
By Lindsey Braband

Business Description

I have started a business on mercury. The name of my business is " ice rinks and pools ". My business provides swim suits,ice skates and more and also pools and ice rinks. I created this business with the resouse craters. Also with the temputare of mercury's night and day. It is cold in the night and hot in the day. In conclusion, mercury is a great place to open a business.

prices and options

ICE SKATERS                                                                  

ice skating     $15.00

ice skates       $7.00

ice skating uniforms   $12.00


swimming      $15.00

swim suits      $6.00

swim shorts   $5.00

swim shirts   $3.00

flippers        $4.00

goggles    $4.00

persuasive letter

Dear costumer, you should come to my business on mercury. I have low prices so you would not have to spend a lot of money. You can improve your ice skating and swimming skills so you can swim and ice skate better. We can repair ice skates so you do not have to buy new ones. All in all, you should come to my business on mercury.


                                                                                          lindsey's pool and ice skating business