Hosting Plans

Hosting Plans

Saudi Arabian companies have different hosting plans. And have different categories. The first one is beginner. In the beginner client have the couple of features. Disk space 50 to 500mb, monthly traffic start from 1000mb to 5000mb in all kinds ,24 hour FTP access, 1-5 FTP user account available in all kinds, control panel provide in all categories like basic , advance and professional. Front page 2000/2002 extension, access to raw log files, web sites statistics are present in all categories but not present in the beginner category. Password protection directories not present in beginner and basic but provided in remains. Email aliases and email account are provided unlimited in all kinds. Its price is start from 4$ to 17$.

According to all these features company dedicated servers with linux and windows environment has different policies. Under the term and condition user place their information on the servers as an acknowledgement of that the user read the all terms and condition and bound with these condition. Some services use for lawful purpose and if any client violate these services then client site strictly prohibited. Its mean any threating, viruses, obscene, libelous, offensive, and objectionable information of any kind post or transmit is the violation of the law.

User can’t run the process more than 8mb of memory space and 30 CPU seconds or use more than 5% of all available system and applications of chat that require server sources. Only distance hosted services are allowed. IRC (internet relay chat) network with interface software not allowed running. Database only use for hosting the web site and no outsider can get the database. No tolerance is provided on the spam email because this has the reseller and resold accounts.

This agreement may be written, may be electronic watch us and oral communication with the company. If within the refund time period which is specified with the plan then client is not satisfied then company give the money back guarantee. No refund is avail after the warrantee time. This policy doesn’t give the additional services, like overages, disk space, bandwidth, maintenance fee, domain registration etc. and each Saudi company gives the money back guarantee in warrantee time.

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