Employee attendance is an important factor in maintaining a productive workplace. Your workers are the backbone of a company. They do the dirty work and they keep your company goals within reach. So their attendance during production time is necessary. Is a time attendance software even necessary?

However, not every employee can be diligent. There are some who come to work late or have to take a sudden leave because of an emergency. These irregularities can become problems in your workplace. It creates tension and miscommunication between people. If an employee is always absent, productivity will be affected. Below are the ways on how you can manage employee attendance:

1. Provide new employees with information about your attendance policy. Inform them at orientation or provide them a copy of your employee handbook.

2. Enforce the rules to all the employees and be consistent with it. When an employee is habitually late, remind him or her your company rules. Give two reminders before enforcing a more grave sanction. Rules apply to all employees, no exemptions.

3. If an employee starts showing signs of attendance problems, talk to that employee. He or she may be having a problem and may need assistance. If the reason is medical, try to ask for a doctor's note.

4. If a problem arises, talk to your employee. Discuss your attendance policy again and make sure the employee understands. Explain that constant absence adds more work for the other employees and that it creates conflict within the team.

5. Use your attendance policy as a guideline when you have to implement disciplinary action. A memo or write-up indicating proper punishment is usually appropriate at this time.

There are various causes on why an employee can be absent. The causes may include illness, poor physical fitness or inadequate nutrition, personal or transportation problems, stress, low morale, boredom, inadequate leadership, excessive workload, worker discontent or lack of work benefits.

Addressing all these problems will be tough for the employer but some problems can be solved through attendance management. For the employee to be productive at work again, you must acknowledge and address the emotional and physical needs of the employee. You must talk about the employee's attendance record. Deal with cases fairly so that you won't have disagreements with the employee.

You should consider using a time attendance software to be more efficient at monitoring time attendance of your employees. Time attendance softwares such as TimeForce, Kronos, StratusTime and BambooHR provide companies with time and attendance data. The data gathered from these softwares allow your company to accurately compute payroll for all your employees. These will also encourage your company and your employees to comply to the labor law. Data provided by the software will let you delve into what makes your company productive.