Habiba Abubakar - ADMA Award Recipient

Habiba Abubakar, a widely respected property management professional and philanthropist, was recently honored by the Africans in Diaspora organization with the ADMA Best Humanitarian Service of the Year Award. During her acceptance speech, she acknowledged gratitude for the award, but was clear in her description about the main purpose for her organization, which is to fulfill her desire to help those less fortunate, including the underserved populations of Nigeria's elderly, the poor, and struggling families and children.

For the last 9 years, the Foundation for the Elderly and the Poor has been completely funded by its founder and owner, Habiba Abubakar.

She is known throughout the business community as a highly effective and successful property management professional, with many years of experience as an industry force. She has established an outstanding reputation in the business community that lends itself to her excellent track-record of success.

Her recent honor from the Africans in Diaspora organization is just one of the many awards she has received for her tireless work and continued running of the EAP Foundation, which has given numerous scholarships to young people from poor families. She is a graduate of the University of Science and Technology Haryana, in Haryana India. She is also a recipient of a professional development diploma from the UK-based Edexcel. Also in the United Kingdom, she received her HND in Information Technology from the Stratford Business School.

Habiba Abubakar is known for having a 'heart of gold', and her commitment to the EAP Foundation is testament to her deeply held convictions.

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