• County Name - Nicaragua
  • Capital - Managua
  • Major Languages - Spanish
  • Location -  North America
  • Population life expectancy - average 72 years; males: 70 years, females 74 years

Major Landforms

  • Mogoton
  • Volcan San Cristobal
  • Volcan Concepcion

Major Architectural landforms

  • El Rosario Falls
  • Yaho Falls
  • Cueva La Conga

Major Cities

  • Manaqua
  • Leon
  • Masaya


  • January to June the weather is very hot and the tree leaves dry up and during July the leaves grow back
  • average rainfall is 132mm
  • average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius


  • major sport is baseball
  • Reggaeton is the most popular music
  • men wear pants and light; women wear dresses, pants and light shirts as well

Story Behind the Flag

The two blue strips represent  the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The white symbolizes peace. Inside the triangle are five volcanoes, which represent the five members of the federation. The triangle also has symbols of liberty and peace represented by a red Phrygian cap, white rays and rainbow.

Unusual Animals

The jaguar is the most found animal in Nicaragua. Other species are the cougar, jaguarundi, margay, and ocelet.


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