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My mind = blown

I've been doing some thinking and it just blew my mind - no joke!
Seriously, this new ChatLinks platform is amazing. For the first time ever it's now possible to put a live chatbox on top of ANY site - even if it's not your site.

Even CrazyEgg, KissMetrics and Forbes publicly recommend using live chat.

"It improves conversions, build a stronger customer loyalty and creates a fervent base of devoted fans", CrazyEgg stated.

And that's exactly right - and now you can use it in ways you couldn't imagine before.

Just to give you some ideas...

Idea #1: Let's say you're promoting someone's product as an affiliate. Put YOUR live chat box on top of it and boost your conversions right away (while building a loyal audience at the same time). SICK!

Idea #2: Sending out a Christmas promotion for your business? Use ChatLinks to immediately add a live chat box and make that human connection (while making more sales).

Idea #3: Someone's sending you an email with a question about a specific product you're promoting? Why not reply with a ChatLink and jump on a live chat right away - removing all barriers instantly.
There are just a few ideas but I'm sure you understand why I'm in love with it already!

Oh, and did I mention you can create unlimited live chats with this?
(Plus, you'll get a lifetime license if you get in today, which is something I haven't seen anyone else do yet).

Pick it up now - you'll thank me later!

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