Green School Challenge
Louise S. McGehee
Class of 2019

The class of 2019 was selected to help improve the sustainability and “green-ness” of the McGehee community for our service learning project this school year. Our 8th grade team members had the opportunity to interview, survey, brainstorm, empathize and create a method for solving problems we discovered and witnessed on campus.

Each of the 6 teams of Eighth Graders were then asked to present a solution to a recognized problem on campus in front of a STEAM Panel. This presentation included:

- The recognized problem on McGehee campus
- How others feel about this problem
- Detailed explanation of your method for solving this problem
- Drawings or models of the solution
- Who and what needs to be involved
- Summary of the cost of this project
- Emphasis on why your solution is the most needed movement at McGehee.

The problems/solutions the 8th grade teams chose to present on were:

-Rooftop Garden

-Outdoor Classroom

-Arbor Walkway

-Class Treehouse

-Recycle Challenge

-Water Conservation

Presentation Example

Results from the STEAM panel are in!

The STEAM panel was very impressed with all  the presentations and our amazing ideas to make McGehee Green. The Rooftop Garden received the most votes, but the  STEAM panel suggested we combine few of the ideas to make an even bigger impact.

Aeroponic Garden + Water Conservation      + Outdoor Study Area

During the "Identify the Problem" stage of our research, many students wished there were more quiet places to study on campus. Basically the only area on campus that is not being used for multiple purposes is a patio behind one of our buildings.

We are currently in the process of transforming this patio area into an outdoor study area that will benefit all McGehee students. This patio will combine three  of the ideas from our presentations into one!  The main features of this area are:

- Reclaimed furniture from around school that was no longer being used.

- Two Aeroponic Tower Gardens

- Recycle Glass bottles used to prevent erosion around plant beds.

- Re purposed shipping crates as furniture.

- Rain water collection drum.

The outdoor classroom and garden is not only useful for students to have a place to learn or study, but it also produces vegetables and herbs and collects rain water. The students also will  restore erosion that was occurring in the outdoor classroom by placing glass bottles and soil to compact the surface. The project was student identified and implemented; teachers and mentors were there as facilitators and advisors.  We plan to
continue participating in the Louisiana Green Schools Challenge and competing against other schools on creating a more sustainable environment.

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