Greeks Start Influencing Roman Architecture

Temple of Vesta in Rome

ROME (27 BC) - For the first time in centuries, Romans have taken influences on Greek culture and architecture.  In fact, the Romans have started to adopt construction techniques and use of new items/tools thanks to the Greeks.

Vitruvius, one of the most famous Greek architects, has played an important role in the influences of Greek culture in Rome.  Vitruvius stated, "I wonder what influences will occur next.  Will the Greeks keep their own culture, or will it be shared with the Romans?"  Vitruvius's theory may be proven correct if the Romans keep taking ideas and influences.

When Rome grew, many new buildings were built. Such as more public buildings. The huge, important buildings and temples are placed in the Forum area of Rome.  One of the Greek audience members shouted during this announcement about the influences of Greek architecture in Rome, "We cannot let the Romans steal our rightfully deserved culture!"  The Greek audience is very unhappy that the Romans are taking so many ideas from the Greeks.

In religious buildings of Rome, Greek and Etruscan both influenced the sculpture. Both Greeks and Romans also have temples to worship their gods. The circular type of temple has a history in Greece and Italy. The temple of Vesta in Rome is raised on a high podium and represents this. There are also Pagan and congregational religious shrines. These, however, for Greeks and Romans, are constructed slightly different.

The Disturbance of Theatre in Rome

ROME (240 BC) - Greek play. Many Roman plays have had a sudden violent uprise in the past year. 

A Greek audience member stated at the uprise of this violence, "Our Greek plays have almost no violence, but the Romans have taken the aspect of violence a little too far. They are forcing their performers, or histriones, to do horrible, disgusting, and vulgar things on stage. Romans sure do enjoy brutal combat enough to put their performers through such ugly behavior. I cannot even mention the fact that they watch gladiators kill each other in a Colosseum...that is hideous. I know they do take certain ideas from Greek and Etruscan drama and circus, but this has gone too far." 

However, Greeks still think that Roman theatre is not too far gone because they claim that Romans have beautiful aspects such as a solo dance with music called pantomime, comedy, tragedy, and appropriate entertainment such as circus.

However, one Roman audience member claims, "I do believe that some of our performances are gross and hideous to look at. I mean, we do have good things such as chariot races, dances, and circus, but our violent gladiator battle and venationes (animal battle) are just too far disturbing for me to watch."


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