Civilian Space Travel

Persuasive Essay

     Should the vastness of space be open to the general public? I am coming at you with a new opinion: That civilians should not be allowed into space. For one, astronauts are people of intelligence and fitness. A civilian may not be, which could result in catastrophe. Space travel should be strictly for research, not for fun. And don't even get me started on the dangers children could be put in. But if you don't believe me, hear me out.

       Let me get started on my first reason: physical fitness. Certain people are not exactly what you'd call "astronaut material". An astronaut needs INTELLIGENCE and STRENGTH to last in the cold depths of space. Now, I know many won't want yo put in the time and effort it takes to gain these qualities, but for those who do, it brings up a new issue: costs of training. The amount of money spent on training a civilian could be spent on something useful, like new technology or REAL astronaut training, which should be a priority.

       There is also the issue that the main reason we send people to space is to learn. Learning is essential to space, as the reason we spend so much money is to truly understand what is out there. So what happens when a civilian goes into space? Will they want to learn? NO! They paid good money for the trip, so they want to have fun and eat astronaut food, not research how a light wave's traveling is affected by the density of the air! The shows it is a waste to send a civilian into space. We need scientists on that shuttle, not your everyday average citizen.

          Now you may be thinking: "But this is a perfect way for NASA to make money, since they don't have government funding anymore!" Well, I object.NASA can make money in many other ways, like a bake sale. It is run by a group of wealthy individuals who fund it and run it why? Well, I'll tell you why the should: a dedication to science. They don't need a fundraiser to help them. I mean, think of the children that could be in danger if they do this! A child could see a big red button, press it, and pop goes the airlock! A child might also not be able to take the motion sickness or zero gravity, and going back down isn't really an option.

          This is why space travel should not be accessible to civilians. You're denying scientists a chance to research and do good, putting kids in danger, and spending a ton of money on training that could be used for something useful at the same time. That doesn't seem like a good deal to me, and I hope it doesn't to you now that you've read my article. I hope you are convinced that space travel should not be allowed for civilians. Good day!

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