Thomas Telford

1757 - 1834 ~ Bridge and Canal Builder ~ Jordan Cheung

A huge impact to the technological world until today!

The start of the whole thing

Thomas was born in the born in the border of England and Scotland - Westerkirk. Although he left school by the age of 14, he became an apprentice on the side of stonemason, which means he would be working on stones and roads. These aspects are one of the Industrial Revolution. And every night, Thomas studies on long hours, in order to study deeper level of roadwork and bridgework, just to study everything it takes to have a proper construction.

Time passes, by the age of 25, he decided to work in Edinburg, and met more people, studied more for construction, and finally, he secured his work there.

Later on, he had challenges from other roadwork engineers, but which brightly seemed that Thomas's ideas are better and more convenient than his challengers, others started thinking about Thomas, and finally, the town uses his ideas and skills to build bridges and roads. These came out to be outstanding constructions. Comparing to the past, construction ideas of Thomas's are better than roads before. That's why until today, mankind are still using his roadwork skills to build better constructions like urban road design and all bridgework.

History of Roads

What made Thomas so important to the entire world until today, is that he was the on who really calculated more aspects like "Thickness" and "Proper Length" for building bridges and better road conditions. Until today, we have a good and smooth road for mankind to smoothly travel from 1 point to another.

What Thomas understands, is that he knew that at that time, people were struggling with the problem of getting across the field.

If there are 2 mountains opposite each other, you might just think that its quite easy to pass through both of them. Not a problem at all? Well maybe, the purpose of making bridges, actually it's for preventing strongly-resisting obstacles and at the same time, to reach one's destination.

Thomas's aim at that time, was to solve that one little problem. And with his further ideas and schemes, he then finally created better constructions of bridges and roadwork. Occasionally, these creations are remarkable! Imagine, preventing from intercepting incoming traffics, we could just simply build bridges, to either go over them, or under them.

Until today, what we are using, are construction designs from Thomas. We build initial roads in towns and other urban areas. We also build construction work ideas from him like long bridges lay above rivers and seas and across to another island. Besides, we use his ideas for underground bridge like in seas. And don't forget about the design of tunnels through mountains that we can quickly get through with.

Tall buildings we have today, are also involving design ideas from Thomas as well. Because of this one guy, we have all people from all over the world with better lives today. Imagine, houses with high levels, a well-secured roof to prevent from heavy rain, strong wind, sandstorm, thunder and polluted air!

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