Bellbrae  3\4 Learning 2013

A learning space for the future....

Welcome to our amazing learning space...

The 3/4 learning area at Bellbrae Primary School is a great environment
for all of us to learn and enjoy our school. We are utilising the spaces in our
building to complement the way we are teaching. This is allowing us to learn in
large, small and mixed groupings in many different spaces. Please enjoy this
short Prezi presentation that goes into our approach a bit further...

3/4 Program 2013


This Term our young readers will be involved in whole class and small group
instruction focusing on a range of reading strategies and concepts. These
include: Readers understand the main ideas in fiction and non fiction texts.
Also, readers use several strategies to locate, select and record key information from texts.


Again, our young writers will experience whole class and small group instruction focusing on a range of writing skills and concepts. We will predominately be focusing on Persuasive writing. Our foci include: Writers use their first paragraph to give the reader a main idea and then develop it in later paragraphs. Writers choose words to link different parts of their writing to help interest the reader. Writers use
capitals, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks correctly. Writers
can write texts and discussions that give their opinion.


This Term we have planned a range of learning experiences that cater for different needs, also
being mindful to use as many ‘hands on’ materials as possible to make maths
more meaningful and engaging. We will be covering: Knowing number facts to 100,
addition and subtraction strategies, place value of whole numbers to tens of
thousands, and decimals to hundredths and skip counting from various starting


One exciting new approach to learning our Integrated Topics this year is
B.I.L.T. BILT stands for Bellbrae Integrated Learning time. At the moment
during our B.I.L.T time we are learning about Emergency Services and the human
body. BILT runs from 11:30 - 1:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
B.I.L.T involves all of us choosing task cards and completing tasks and projects
on our topic. We have also made a scoring rubric to keep us focused and it also
allows us to set high expectations of achievement.

Briefcases in 3/4!

Sustainable Garden

3/4 Calendar of Events

POLICE IN 3/4!!!

Roger Licheni came to 3/4 to give a presentation about the Victorian Police Force.  He told us all about the equipment he uses, what the police attend to, the different types of police and uniforms. Some of us were lucky enough to dress in old police shirts. We got to see a pair of hand cuffs, he showed us the belt where he put his police gear and the Freddie (his identity badge!!!) We wore his graduation hat, his summer hat and baseball cap!!