Japanese Dynasties

Yamato Clan and Heian Period

Yamato Clan

The first emperor was the "grandson" of  the sun goddess. The emperor was part of the Yamato Clan. The clan ruled most of Japan and the chiefs began calling themselves the emperors of Japan. The Japanese adopted Chinese writing and a Korean religion known as Buddhism. In Japan Chinese fashion, foods, and tea were starting to become more popular

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Heian Period

From 794-1185 was the Heian period. In 794 Japan's new emperor moved the capital to Heian. In the Heian period people focused on elegance and wanted to live luxurious. People were almost required to write poetry. The way people wrote at the time was considered art. The Japanese formed a new language and written form instead of using the Chinese. The Fujiwaras family was mostly in charge during the Heian period.

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