Will you be the stop of bullying?

These group of friends told everyone about this young boys life. They told all of his little secrets and he was just trying to be friends. He was unpopular and wanted some friends but yet they tricked him. They asked him personal questions and shared them online. I would tell them to stop and go to an adult. I could just simply ask them how they would feel if I told everybody their secrets. It would make me feel ashamed of myself and my peers if I was in this group. You should treat others how you want to be treated. These friends did not treat him how they want to be treated. I bet they would cry if everyone knew their secrets. Bullying leads to disorders or even death in some cases. Tons and tons of kids have gotten eating disorders and many other disorders. When a kid is bullied to the point he has no reason to get out of bed and smile everyday then they`ll kill themselves and that is not the way to go.

They honestly should be ashamed of themselves because they could lead this young boy to his death. Imagine if you were the cause of someone`s death would you feel good about yourself? Would you like to be picked on? Would you like to go to jail? No you wouldn't so I guess my real question is will you stop bullying?

Not doing anything about a bully shows them they win and you lose. Their going to keep on bullying because they know nobody will be the stop of it. Y'all could go to an adult or go up to the bull and tell them to stop nicely. You have changed it from an uninviting environment to a welcoming environment. It shows them that they don`t rule everybody they can`t do what they want.

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