Al Capone

Gangster of the 1920s

The Original Gangster

Al Capone was a major mob leader in the 1920s. He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1899. When Al Capone reached the sixth grade, he quit school and began his street gang life. The leader of the first gang he entered, was Johnny Torrio. In 1925, Capone became the leader of the gang, when Torrio was critically injured during an assassination attempt. When he was elected leader, that began his rein of terror and brutality. Capone's nick name was, Scarface, because he had an unusual scar on his left cheek. Thoughout his years of being a mob leader, he committed several ruthless and terrifying murders, but he did gain a $100 million fortune. Scareface did not see killing people anything, but just a way to get to the top of all street gangs.

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