Servant Journal-Balthazar

Day 1

Today, I hanged out with my friend, another servant of sir.Romeo, Abraham. We met another two servants who looks worse than me, called Gregory and Sampson. They bit thumb to us. Abraham was raged. They quarreled for like 10 minutes, then Abraham and Sampson started to fight. That fight was impressive. Not only that fight, but also I saw the fight of Tybalt and Benvolio. Our Benvolio didn't wanted to fight, but that hot-blood stupid Tybalt initiated the fight. All the Montague came out, and all the Capulet came out to fight, but as prince Paris came, every fight ended. Today we had lots of fights between stupid Capulets with our Montague. Mr.Montague was discussing about the quarrel between Benvolio and Tybalt I wanted to listen more, but I needed to work for the injured person from the fight, I could not.

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