Fish Tank

William Bradley and Michael Green

Our fish tank is large size, it's 48 H x 18 L x 20 D. It costs $300.00 for the fish tank Up to 80 gallons, 185 gallons per hour. The water filter costs $90.00. Heater lights costs $36.00. Hood costs $60.00. We bought the deep blue sea aquarium gravel which cost $5.50.  For plants we bought corkscrew ($1.50), begonia plant ($4.00). For decorations we used Mill blubber ($35.00) and Rock cave($35.00). For fish we used fancy goldfish ($32.99), red Oscar ($6.99), spotted African leaf fish ($8.99), angel fish ($4.99), fantail gold fish ($3.39), and kenyi African cichlids($6.89).                                                                                We had $700.00. We know have ($96.75). The total cost of the fish combined is $64.24. The total money left over is $96.75.                            

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