By: Maria Hobert

Robert Walton

Walton is going on an adventure to find a passage way to the north pole. On the way there he finds a man on the ice. Then that man starts telling Walton a story.

Victor leaves his home in Geneva

Victor attends the University of Ingolstad after his mother dies. When he gets there he talks to his professor, his professor then tells Victor that the time he spent studying was wasted,

Victor Studies

Victor studies how the human body is built and about death and decay for several years. He masters everything that is professors have asked him to do. He then discovers the secret of life,

Creating the Monster

Victor works on his creation in his apartment by putting parts of the human body together. He puts so much time into working on his creation he neglects everything else; family, friends, and studies. He then becomes pale, lonely and obsessed.

Completing the Monster

Victor completes the monster. But he is terrified of the results. Victor runs to the other room. He then runs out of his apartment and spends the night in the courtyard. He then runs into Henry.

Victor comes across Henry.

Victor takes Henry back to his apartment after they meet in the courtyard. Victor is scared that his creation will still be in the apartment when they get there.

Victor gets sick

Victor falls ill and Henry nurses him back to health. While he is sick her gets an letter from Elizabeth.

Reading the letter

Victor reads the letter that Elizabeth sent him. Elizabeth tells Victor how she is worried about him and asks him to write back to his family as soon as possible.
After Victor reads the letter he introduces Henry to the professors and then decides to go back to his home in Geneva.

The death of William

Victor then gets a letter from his dad telling him that his little brother has been killed. Victor leaves immediately, He then arrives back home at night time, but the gates to Geneva are closed. So victor begins to walk in the woods and comes across where his brother was found. He then sees the monster and instantly thinks that he is who killed his brother.

Justine gets framed

A locket that William was carrying was found in Justines pocket. So everyone thinks she killed him. She in then trialed and found guilty for the death of William even though she did not kill him. Victor now feels guilty because the monster that he created is now the cause of the death of his brother and now Justine.

Victor tries to get out of his depression

Victor goes to the Summit of Montanvert, hoping that the beautiful view will make him happy. But when he gets to the top he finds the monster. The monster then starts running to him but Victor tells him  to go away but the monster persuades him to listen to him.

The monster tells his story

First the monster tells Victor about how he was really confused of why he was created.  He then tells about how he discovered light,dark,cold,thirst, and hunger. He then tells how he stayed on the land of a family of villagers and begins to tell about them and how he helped them, also how he learned to speak by listening to them.

DeLacey family runs away

One day the monster decides to introduce himself to the family. He waits until only the blind old man is there because he thinks that if he cant see him he will not run in fear and then he can tell his family how he is a good person. But the family comes home unexpectedly and they chaise off the monster and run away.

The monster gets shot

The monster decides to stay away from all people but one day he sees that a little girl is drowning so he saved her life. But when the man the little girl with with comes back he shoots him because he thinks he is trying to hurt the little girl.

A female monster?

The monster asks Victor to make a female monster so he is not lonely. The monster says that after the female is made then they will go to South America and stay away from all people.
At first Victor refuses to make the Female. The monster then tells Victor that all his evil actions have came from being lonely. Victor agrees to make the female thinking his problem will be over. But victor keeps putting off making the female and begins to doubt the monsters request.

Off to England!

Victor realizes that he has to go back to England to get the supplies needed to make the female. After victor gets what he needs he leaves for a remote island to work on the female. Victor then starts thinking about all the bad things that could happen with having two monsters. Victor then destroys his work. The monster watches him do this and becomes enraged and swears he will get revenge and that he will be there on his wedding night.

Accused for Murder

Victor arrives back to the mainland on his boat. Upon his arrival he gets accused for killing a man. He gets shown the body of the man because they think that if he sees the body they will judge how he acts and determine if he is the killer or not.   

Who was murdered?

Victor went to go see the body and what he saw horrified him. He saw laying there with choke marks on his neck that would fit the monsters, Henry, his childhood friend.  Victor then got extremely sick and stayed in jail for 2 months. He went on trial and was proven innocent. His father came to get him and then they started to travel back to their home in Geneva.


Victor and Elizabeth marry then they go to the family cottage to spend the night. Victor tells Elizabeth to go to bed because he doesn't want her to see the monster when he comes for him. Victor then goes for a walk looking for the monster. But then he hears a scream and too late he realizes that the monster was coming to kill Elizabeth instead of him. He tells his dad about the death of Elizabeth. His father then gets depressed and dies a few days later.

Tracking the Monster

Victor swears to get revenge against the monster so he leaves Geneva to go look for him. He ends up in the ice and snow of the north and then a boat comes and Walton asks if he wants a ride then Victor begins to tell Walton his story about the monster. Walton then writes letters to his sister.

Victor dies

Victor gets sick and dies right before they arrive back to England. The monster shows up in the room where Victors dead body lays and cries over his body. Walton goes into the room to see what the noise is and sees how ugly the monster truly is. The monster then tells Walton about his story and then tells Walton how he has no reason to live anymore and jumps out the window and disappears into the night.

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