Absolute Brightness

Mrs. Berrisford

Wednesday, April 23rd: Every choice has a consequence

Choosing 1 protagonist was kind of hard so I chose 2. They were Phoebe and Leonard.

Phoebe’s choices had some good consequences and some bad. Her good consequence was when she decided at night she would go see Travis at his house. When she goes to his house, they do a few things and then after “It was peeking out from under a pile of random junk, just sitting there in plain sight on top of the dresser like anybody’s business-Leonard’s money clip.” (pg. 350) Her decision of seeing Travis was a good thing because she would have never had any idea on who killed Leonard, but now that she saw the money clip she shows the police officers and they use it as evidence, and puts him in prison.

Another choice that Phoebe makes is not a good one “I opened my fingers one by one until the money clip was visible in the sweaty center of my palm.” (pg. 76) This isn’t a good choice because her consequence later was that when they were in the court room for Travis’s trial, Travis’s lawyer uses that against her and says that she stole it from Travis.

Leonard’s choices also lead to some good consequences and some bad. “Mr. Buddy said that Leonard didn’t want a ride last night after rehearsal.” (pg. 145) that was a bad choice for Leonard because when he turned that away he went missing, and was later on murdered.

The book was good but then the ending was not what I expected. I didn’t really like the ending, I thought it could have been a little better.

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