The Case of The Missing Poe

By: Connor C and Hudson S

The Ravens mascot , Poe the Raven has been stolen. At the Baltimore ravens stadium or M&T bank stadium It happened at 7:02 P.M. Connor and Hudson where security and they said, "We need you immediately!"

The Puzzling Question

Who could have stole the precious Poe costume?

The Crime

Meet the detectives
Connor & Hudson Are the FBI's finest. They are the best detectives in the state of Alabama. They both have freckles and Hudson has brown hair and Connor has dirty blonde hair.

Suspect # 1
The Steelers

The Steelers are at M&T bank stadium playing against the ravens. They are steelers that have been known to steel other things from different teams. They are the ravens all time rival.

The Eagles

The Eagles were mad because the ravens traded Ed Reed to the Jets They where mad because they wanted to see him break the record of interception.

The Falcons

They were looking for a new mascot, but the Ravens had the one they liked ,so the Falcons got mad at the Ravens. They were at an after game party in Atlanta after losing to the Ravens 14 to 48. They were probably mad at the Ravens after losing to them. Tony Gonzales said, " I'll get you back somehow."


The starting safety for the Raven's that got traded to the Jets. He might have wanted to steal Poe so Ed Reed would come back and help find his former mascot.


Hudson said , " Connor I think I figured it out I think Terrell Suggs stole it .

Connor , said " Lets go to his Mansion." So they went to Terrell's house and Hudson asked him if he stole Poe

Terrell Suggs replied, " I don't have it I want Ed back on the team but I wouldn't steal my own mascot."


Who do you think stole the precious Poe costume?