Molly M.
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           My name is Molly McCormick and I live in Spokane, Washington with my sixteen year old brother, and my parents. My family is who loves me more than anything else in the world. Without my family my life would probably be a lot harder, it would be harder to make decisions, I wouldn't have as much support, and I wouldn't have anybody to come home after a bad day.  I am a very in decisive person so having family to ask what I should do helps a lot. My family also supports me for any of my actions. My family is amazing!

          In my early days of life I had a cat named Butterball. On Christmas Eve in 2006, a mysterious cat appeared at our back door, it had no name tag so we decided to keep it.  This cat was obese and orange/yellow. Since my Dad had mentioned it looked like a ball of butter, we ended up naming our stray cat Butterball. I grew up with that cat until it got eaten by a eagle that circled our house regularly. My brother cried for three days straight. Butterball will be missed.

        Later in life I got honored to earn my first two wheel bicycle at six years old. I know this may seem a kind of early for a two wheel bike, but I didn't think so. Since I was six, I didnt know any better than to go and ride my bike with my Dad. I got on my bike and started looking on the ground for lucky pennies. Before I knew it I went face first into a parked car. I made a giant dent in the car, then my dad told me to run back to the house and get cleaned up. We never ended up paying for the damages to the car. To this day I still like riding my bike.

          My friends are the people who makes me the happiest, especially my best friend Mayson (as seen in the picture above). My friends always make me laugh, which I think is a important thing in life. They are a very important factor in my life, and I'm very grateful to have such amazing friends.

          Ten years from now I will own my very own restaurant after going to culinary school at the University Of Montana in Missoula, Montana. I love to cook and do business so  decided that a restaurant would be a perfect career for me. He is my life in a nutshell.




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