Hi you may know me by Winnie Hawkins the girl with divorced parents and a mom who is a teacher ,but that's only half of my story. See when I was three and half my dad went to get help on September 11, 2005 for his alcohol problem. So this topic interested me , because of my family history. Way before I was born my grandfather’s liver shut down from alcohol. He was only in his mid- forties and almost died. My grandmother though also has an alcohol problem still, unlike my grandfather who has been sober for over ten years. So my sister and me have a ninety six percent chance of being alcoholics, and we plan to break our families problem with alcoholism.

“Alcoholism is when your drinking causes serious problems in your life , yet you keep drinking.” A person with alcoholism is not able to stop if they try. Most alcoholics are intelligent, successful, and very well educated. Many alcoholics don’t even drink on a daily bases. Many alcoholics still drink after the consequences of drinking. one out of thirteen women pregnant use alcohol. seventy five thousand deaths a year are caused from alcohol use in the U.S. alone.

The diagnosis is easier to treat if the disease has not progressed too far.

Although if it was a typical alcoholic it may be years before getting help.Some people use AA ( alcoholics anonymous ) which is a self help book. most people in support groups drop out after one or two times. The regular medical treatment last twenty eight days of staying in a residence with other alcoholics. some people end relapsing back to alcohol and have problems again. once a person is an alcoholic they will always be one even if they don’t drink anymore.

The symptoms of alcoholism is blackouts, liver failure, brain damage, and some memory loss.For example, my dad admitted to the courts about blacking out every night for excessive drinking. My grandfather almost died from liver failure. You lose energy from drinking so you can do things you love to do. You also will get more dopamine and the want more which causes them to get addicted.Uses of alcoholism can be mild or very severe you could end up getting a divorce. For example my dad choose his alcohol over his own family. You could die from your liver shutting down. You would spend thousands of dollars for alcohol. For example, my dad will spend two hundred dollars on alcohol for a week. If you are drinking and driving you could hurt yourself or others and end up paying a fee.

Alcoholism can be treated but not through shots. It has to be treated through counseling and support groups. There are also places you can go to and be with others with alcoholism problems, and receive help together. Many people go through this and get better ,but then some don't. For example my dad did all of this and still to day is a person with alcoholism. There are many people who have tried but still go back ,but some don’t so we thank these programs.

Alcoholism can be prevented by not drinking or drinking a tiny bit. A average grown up should have no more than twelve ounces of beer or five ounces of wine per a day. For example , since i have family history with alcoholism then i shouldn't drink at all. My friend that doesn't have family history with alcoholism should be okay to drink five ounce of wine. Alcoholism also can be prevented by not being around people with alcoholism or around alcohol at all.

Alcoholism can ruin relationships.
Alcoholism's affect on the brain

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Great job Winnie, thank you for sharing your story.