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                                                    Chromebook vs IPad



         A Chromebook has a keyboard. Its also made by Google Chrome. A Chromebook has the same format as a laptop. You get your own Chromebook that you don't have to share with other people.


      An IPad has a touch screen. IPads are made by Apple. An Ipad has the same format as tablet. You get to use it but when you’re done you have to put it back on the IPad cart on and let someone else use it.


They are both an electronic device. They both have apps that you can download. They both have wallpapers. You can buy a case for both of them to protect them.


                                                You need to Keep your Chromebook Safe

         You need to Keep to keep your Chromebook safe otherwise you could break it. If you break it then your classmates would have one and you wouldn't. Also you would miss out on the fun because if its indoor recess then you wouldn't get a Chromebook to play with at indoor recess like your friends. Plus Now you could buy a new Chromebook for 250 more dollars but it would be better to not break it and keep it protected.


             What Happens When You Do Stuff Bad With Your Chromebook


             If you drop your Chromebook on a table or the ground. Then it will break and you wouldn't have a Chromebook to use.

            If your computer runs out of battery and shuts down. Then you would have to plug it in and miss some work and have to do the work later maybe during recess.

            If you do something inappropriate like put a bad wallpaper. Then you would get sent to the principal's office or not get to take it home.

            If at the end of the day your battery has less than 2 hours on it than you have to plug it in for the night unless it on a Friday because if you charge it that long it will fry the battery.

             If you get mad and you want to throw something, throw a Kleenex but don't throw your Chromebook especially because that's called breaking your Chromebook.          

                                           How to set up your Chromebook

1 You get your tag

2 Put one of the stickers on your tag

3 Tie your tag on your handle

4 Put a sticker on the bottom of your chromebook

5 Put a sticker on your charger then get it checked out by Mrs. Haynes Open your chromebook

7 Put your school email in the top box

8 Put your Lps number in the bottom box

9 Hit enter

10 Read the 2 or 3 paragraphs

11 If you agree click on I accept

12 Click on the picture in the bottom right corner

13 A box should pop up and click settings

14 Scroll down and click on the picture under the word user

15 Then click on the picture of the camera

16 Take a photo go to home screen

17 Then your all set and ready to learn

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