Duke Wins 2015 National Championship

The national championship game took place in Indianapolis on April 6th, 2015. Duke and Wisconsin went head to head. Duke came out on top 68-63, but some basketball fans are not happy about the "one and done" players who will be drafted into the NBA after only one year of college basketball because of the lack of education.

This author of this article is Bob Donnan. We know that the article is written by a male who has been following march madness and watched the national championship game between Duke and Wisconsin. The author's point of view is a bystander of the game, maybe a basketball fanatic.

This article was published April 7th 2015, but where it was produced is unknown. The location of where is was produced may affect the meaning of the source because it could be biased toward either team if the author is from an area near either of the colleges and is a fan of a specific team.

I do have prior knowledge about the national championship game. I watched the whole game and was ever routing for Wisconsin. I saw both teams work their way to get to the final game and I had a good recollection of the game while reading the article. When plays were mentioned in the article, I could picture them in my head.

This source was created for anyone interested in college basketball. For both people who watched the game and wanted to read the recaps and also for people who missed the game and wanted more information about it. This article is very reliable and comes from a credible source that is not biased.

This source was created at the time it was because it was the day after the national championship game took place.

The main point of this article is to summarize what happened in the game and give the reactions of both coaches and players after the game. It gives the audience a little more information than just watching the game, you get players opinions of the action that took place on the court.

This source is important because it gives interested viewers an interesting way to recap the game. It is a way to pass on information to eager viewers. You can draw inferences that all the other basketball teams lost so that's why they weren't in the national championship, you can also infer that Duke was very happy they won while Wisconsin was devastated about the loss.

Duke wins its 5th national title lead by a team of four freshman and coached by Coach K. Duke defeated Wisconsin 68-63 in a nail biting back and forth battle.

Steve Almasy is the author of this article. I know that the author is a male who has interest in college basketball and knows the game of basketball well. The authors point of view is a reporter watching the game.

This article was written on April 8th. 2015. The location of where this source was produced is unknown. The time and place of where the article was written could possibly affect the audience as well as maybe add a biased factor.

I watched the national championship live so I understood the article completely. Knowledge on basketball and the players involved in this game were helpful pieces of information in order to understand exactly what was going on and who had a big impact in the game.

The source was created for anyone interesting in the national championship game whether to get an understanding of how the game went because they missed the game or for anyone who watched the game and wanted more details about the afterthoughts of the players and coaches. This source is very reliable and the audience does not affect the reliability.

This source was created in order to pass on information about the big basketball game going on at the time. To fill in people interested in college basketball.

The main point of this article is to inform the public about the national championship and give the audience a deeper look into the players. Also to breakdown the game and show which players contributed to the big win. Thoughts and quotes of the coaches and players were also included.

This article is important because it informs readers about the national championship. Millions of Americans invest time watching and betting on march madness, and the article sums up the overall outcome of the tournament. You can infer that duke fans and players are happy and Wisconsin fans and players are very upset with the outcome.

With the help of Tyrus Jones and Jahil Okafor Duke edges Wisconsin 68-63 in the national championship giving Duke its fifth title.

James Pennington is the author of this article. We know that the author is a male who has a well rounded knowledge about college basketball and basketball in general. The authors point of view is a reporter watching the game or a bystander watching the game.

This article was written on April 6th, 2015. The location is unknown. The time affects the article because it was written the same day as the game, meaning there could have been more information not included because it wasn't known until later dates after the article was published.

Prior knowledge for this article is basic basketball terminology. Also the names of the players and how significant they are is important information to know when reading the article. Also if you watched the game, it gives you a better picture of what the author is depicting.

The source is for anyone interested in the national championship. People that follow college basketball and wanted to see SB Nation's take on the game. Also people who want to get more information about the game. This does not affect the reliability of the source.

The source was created the night of the game right after the game was over. The game greatly affected the time that it was published.

The source was created as a way to express what happened in the game and the coaches and players reactions and comments to the win/lose.

This source is important because it is an easy way to figure out how the game went. Also you get to read into how the game played out with a summary of the game. You can infer that Duke fans and players were ecstatic with the results while Wisconsin went home disappointed.

I chose this subject because I am a big basketball fan and I followed the whole march madness tournament. Also, March Madness is a huge deal in America and Duke winning brought up many controversial topics with college basketball and education. It is interesting to me to see the reactions of others after the huge game. I think with Duke having many student athletes that will be done with college after one year to go to the NBA is not a very smart choice. Before going to the NBA, the college student should get an education that can support him if basketball does not work out. This relates to me because I play basketball and Duke is a college I consider applying to attend in 2016.

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