Costa RICA

By Makeeda Keener

Welcome to Costa Rica, I'll be your tour guide, If you have any questions just ask!

What is the capital of Costa Rica? What language do Costa Ricans speak? Where is Costa Rica located?

  • The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose, San Jose is definitely not the best place to be because of its outdated commercial buildings, potholed streets and crumbling sidewalks yet it is categorized as something in between a modern North American metropolis and the standard Central American capital.
  • The official language of Costa Ricans  is Spanish yet a lot of people in Costa Rica speak English mostly at hotels, rent a car companies, souvenir shops and tourist agencies.
  • Costa Rica is located in Middle America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Nicaragua and Panama and its border countries are  Nicaragua and Panama.

What does the flag above represent? What is the population of Costa Rica?

  • Above you can see the Costa Rican flag, it represents freedom, equality, and brotherhood- and has the same colors as the French flag; red, white, and blue.
  • The population of Costa Rica is about 4,195,914 people (calculated in July 2008)   

What are the major landforms, landmarks,and bodies of water in Costa Rica?

  •   A landform from Costa Rica is the Arenal Volcano (previously named a mountain) it was the last volcano that erupted in Costa Rica, in 1968.
  • A national landmark in Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio the park is popular for its close location to San Jose,with its  mixture of rain forest and beach, and its large family of white-faced monkeys.
  • While in Costa Rica a great beach to visit is Tamarindo because of its lively beach town, mixes of great waves, and great nightlife, also enjoy dining and shopping while in the town.

While i'm here I wanna be like the other Costa Ricans, What should I wear, what music should I listen to, what are the major holidays I should celebrate, and what are the religious beliefs here?

  • The traditional clothing for women is a dress with no sleeves with thick,frilly ruffles sticking out of the shoulders. The colors of that are usually worn are blue, red, or yellow, but any bright colors will do. For men the traditional clothing is  a plain, solid colored top which is usually white and long pants witch are usually white also. .
  • Costa Rica's music is very colonial, but it has been modified into spanish beats mixed with indigenous tempos to create folkoric music.
  • 3 major holidays in Costa Rica are Santa Cruz Fiestas: Typical music, folkloric dancing and bullfighting in honor of the Black Christ of Esquipulas in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste / and Corn Fiesta: Traditional parties honoring the corn crop held in Upala, Alajuela that include a Corn Queen crowning and a corn-product costume parade. / and the 3rd is Fireworks Day: Fireworks help to honor the Lady of the Immaculate Conception in San Antonio de Belen, Heredia.
  • The religious beliefs here in Costa Rica is a variety, although most Costa Ricans are Roman Catholic.

And my last questions are What are some popular foods here? What type of government is there? What do people do for fun here? And is this a poor nation?

  • A popular desert here in Costa Rica is Cajeta de coco which is a fudge made of coconut, tapa dulce, and orange peels.
  • Our government here is democratic republic which is based on the Spanish civil law system.
  • A popular thing to do in Costa Rica is to dance. If you don’t know how to dance then a good option is to enroll in the many dance schools in the city.
  • Costa Rica's is stable economy that depends on tourism, agriculture, and electronics exports. And yes it is a poor nation and poverty has remained around 20% for nearly 20 years in Costa Rica.

This concludes your tour from Costa Rica, I hope you have learned alot and if you want to know more here are some good websites to look on-

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