Pediatric Oncology Nurse

Take a look into the nursing profession that specializes in taking care of children cancer patients. These nurses are required to take care of the kids suffering with cancer by assisted during medical procedures, providing basic care, and offering comfort to the patients and the families.


There are 5 steps you must take to become a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. You will need an associates or higher in nursing to pursue this job.The first step is to attend a nursing school to earn your RN license. Step two is to PASS you state licensing exam, or NCLEX, Which you have to sign up and pay to take. The next step is to gain experience as an oncology nurse by internships and other programs that may be provided by hospitals and other facilities. The fourth step is to look for hospitals that offer pediatric oncology training. The last is not required but will help you look better, you need to earn a certification in pediatric oncology nursing. This certification requires at least one year of experience and 10 hours of education in nursing.  

Why is this job for me?

I adore the lives of others. I love children and I love to help them. To be able to take my people skills, caring heart, and general loving nature into a job would be my dream. To work with cancer patients would be an honor to me and not only working with cancer patients, but working with children suffering from the disease. I want to be an impact in lives whether it be giving the children hope when there is none left or simply comporting families in a time of grief. I know this job is a job for me because I am dedicated and motivated and with those two qualities there is nothing that I can't work hard to accomplish.

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