Japan anahi

Fashion:The fashion was a love of beauty began with their own appearances.Women wore long growns made of 12 layers of colored silk cleverly cut and folded to show off many layers at once.To complete their outfits,nobles often carried delicate decorative fans.Many also attached flowers and long silk cords to their fans.They loved elaborate outfits.

literature:Writing was very popular among the nobles,especially among the women.Many women wrote diaries and journals about their lives at court.In their diaries these women carefully chose their words to make their writing beautiful.Unlike men they usually wrote in Chinese,and noble women wrote in the Japanese language.One of the greatest writers in early Japan history was lady Murasaki Shikibu she wrote a book called THE TABLE OF GENI.Many of the greatest works of early Japanese literature was written by women.

Visual art: Beside literature,Japan's nobles also loved the visual art.In their paintings the nobles of Heian liked bright,bold colors.They also liked paintings that illustrated stories.The most popular art forms of the period were paintings,calligraphy,and architecture.Other paintings show scenes from nature or from court life.Another popular form of art in Heian was calligraphy,or decorative writing.

Architectures:The nobles of Heian worked to make their city beautiful they greatly admired chinese architectures and modeled Heian after the Chinese capital,Changan.These styles featured buildings with wooden,frames that curved slightly upward at the end.The wooden frames were often left unpainted to look more natural.To add beauty to their buildings,they surrounded them with elegant gardens and ponds.Similar gardens are still popular in Japan.

Performing arts:The performing arts were also popular in Japan,during the Heian period.People often gathered to watch performances by musicians,jugglers,and acrobats.The performances were wild and fun.Also the most popular plays were that actors skillfully mimicked other people.Those type or performances

The people who lived south of the Ainu eventually became the Japanese they lived mostly in small farming villages. These villages were ruled by a powerful clans or exended farmers other people in villages including farming and workers had to obey and respect members of these clans
at the head of each clan was a chief in addition to his political power each ness belived that their clan Cheits. We're desended from nature sprits called kami ancestors. Over time. These rituals became a central part of the tradition religion of japan Shinto. According to Shinto teaching everything in nature the sun the moon trees , waterfalls and animals has kami. Shintoist belived that some kami help them from harm. They build shrines to kami and perform ceremonies in which they ask the kami to bless them. One culture that developed I japan was the Hindu. Histonians are sure exactly when or how the Ainu moved to japan some people think came from what is now Siberia in eastern Russia. Wherever they came form the Ainu spoke a language unlike any other language in Eastern Asia.