Interplanetary Space Commission
By Isabel Marsigli

Pluto, the ex-planet...


- Plutoni Stea Uniberso

- 11 Earth years old/ 0.047 Pluto years old

- 19.2 pounds on Earth/ 1.2 pounds on Pluto

- Pluto/ Pluto is neither a terrestrial planet or gas giant, but more as an icy dwarf.

Plutoni Stea Uniberso

Basic Facts

- Pluto is 8 planets away from the Sun

- Pluto has 5 known moons, which would be Charon, Hydra, Nix, Styx, and Kerberos. They all were discovered through the Hubble Space Telescope, located in space.

- Pluto has very few gases on its atmosphere, and it can get as cold as -387 degrees Fahrenheit!

- Pluto's weather is extremely cold, and has regular snowfalls of nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide.

- Pluto can get as cold as -387 degrees Fahrenheit, and as warm as -369 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Day In the Life

- It takes 247.9 Earth years for Pluto to make one orbit around the Sun, at an average speed of 10, 623 miles per hour!

- Pluto will rotate on its axis every 6.39 days.

- 1 day on Pluto is 153.3 hours long/ 1 year on Pluto is 248 Earth days

-The radius of Pluto is 736 miles long!

Interesting Facts

      - Pluto was discovered on February 18, in the year of 1930. Along with Pluto's known 5 moons, scientists believe they have discovered a new, declassified moon, that would be counted as the sixth. This newly discovered moon was also discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope along with the other 5 moons.

     In August, 2006, the International Astronomical Union declared Pluto as a dwarf planet, for discovering it had not met all of the criteria needed to become a planet.

Alien Description

      - My alien has green skin. This feature helps him get through cold weather, as it acts as a solar panel, which means that the pigment in his skin takes the Sun's energy to heat up his body. My alien has night vision, which allows him to see well in night and day. Plutoni also has six eyes, which allows him to check his surroundings, to make sure there aren't any rocks that could trip him. He doesn't have legs, so he uses his upper body to jump up, that is how he travels from place to place. Plutoni also has very good hearing from his many antennas, his actual ears are covered with ear muffs he found floating in space. My alien is a consumer, as he likes to eat the surface of other planets and Pluto for his daily meals. Plutoni does not have any predators, as he is the only alien in space. His only fear is that humans may eventually find him, and try to experiment on him. Plutoni's mouth is used for eating planet rocks (his only diet).

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