Bully Free

<Bullying Quote: Pulling Some one down will never get you to the top>

1. If you and your friends witness this bullying, but do nothing about it, what message does this send to the bully?

l  think it tell the bully through other people reactions that their big and bad and they can do anything they want because nobody is going to tell on them.

2.What are some things you and your friends can do to act socially responsible in this situatuion

I would stick up for the person that's being bulled and i would tell the person that is bullying that's its not nice to do that because bad things could happen to the person their bulling and to themselves.

3.If you and your friends choose to stand up for your classmate, how have you change your climate regarding bullying?

I think that if me and my friends stand up then it would change the bully attitude agents  people that he/she don't like and  it will let the bully know that what he/she is doing is affecting others.

4. In this case of supporting your classmate, what message is communicated to the bully or bullies?

My message is don't bully if you don't wont other people to be mean to you and do bad things to you or a family member don't be mean to other people cause you don't want to be pushed around or bullied.

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