NCGP Senior Project

By: Alexia Jones
Does Participation in Sports Keep Teens out of Trouble?

I did my research project on whether or not participation in sports kept teens out of trouble. Teens are very capable of falling into peer pressure and heading down the wrong path. I chose this topic because I felt like it was one I could actually relate to, seeing that I am an athlete myself.

Research Paper

1.) Why topic was chosen !

2.) The information I researched seemed very logical. One of the challenges I faced with the whole paper part, was actually choosing a topic that would actually get approved. Once I found one I could stick with, the process actually got a little easier since I chose something I was a little familiar with.

Product Process

As an athlete, I know how important it is to maintain good grades. Seeing some of my fellow classmates struggling in certain classes such as: chemistry, math, foreign languages, etc, I decided to organize a support group that helps athletes who are under pressure in classes that give them a hard time. I asked a few good friends who excel academically to help me tutor. As the tutors, we meet on a needed basis to accommodate those needing help.

Student Questionnaire

I arranged a student questionnaire for the athletes to complete about the support group. It tells me what they liked and did not like about the group. The survey also allows athletes to give feedback on how the group could better be improved for next time.

The Table of Improvement

A table was also conducted in the mix of this project. The table keeps track of improvement that took place to display the real outcome of the support group. It even goes into detail to explain what type of work was taken place.

Product Process

I chose to do this particular product as a way of helping athletes avoid letting their grades slip.

-Where did you get this idea ?

-Did you have to make any changes to your product approval ?




From this entire experience, I feel I gained a lot of experience with leadership and organization skills. In the future I hope this will help athletes to actually reach out and ask for help if needed and for others to be willing to lookout for their fellow peers. My future plans have absolutely nothing to do with this topic or product but I am glad I got the opportunity.

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