Why me ?

That right you have HIV
You will try to ignore it
But it's inside your body
Trying to kill you, I know it’s not legit

Right now it’s only cough and cold
But you won’t survive until you’re old
Your friends and family will stay away
No matter how much you plead or pray

That’s right, God is not concern
You don’t wear protection
You were thinking, this can’t happen
Next time pay more attention

Oh no sorry, there is not next time
Who will want to be with you
Maybe you will find somebody in your lifetime
But he will probably die because of you

You will lose your weight and faint at times
You will prefer dying than being alive
No one will take care of you at night
You’ll be untouchable, yeah that’s right

People will be looking at you
Being young won’t excuse you
Everybody will only think about of that
But are you a monster or something like that?

It doesn’t matter how it infected you
All they will think all you do is screw
Your life will be like a living hell
You’ll be alone and lonely, can’t you tell?

You will regret that day It entered you
The days you have are very few
Within no time you’ll beg to die
But It will kill you slowly while you cry

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