virus protection

                                                                    By:KEAVON E

Computer viruses are harmful program that instructs a computer  to perform destructive activities , such as erasing a hard drive . Viruses can destroy your computer by crashing them and slowing them down they also, can erase  memory or files on your computer. there are ways for this not to happen to your computer they will be listed below.

ways to stop viruses not use file sharing websites an app that will check for viruses

3. do not click on ads and give your personal information

4. do not open a image or file given to you by someone you do not know or has a virus on their computer which can give your computer a virus also

5.last but not least make sure everything on your is sercured and locked


nimda is a computer #6 in the top computer viruses in the world. nimda is a computer worm that quickly spreaded surpassing the economic damage caused by previous outbreaks such as Code Red.

The worm was released on September 18, 2001. Due to the release date, exactly one week after the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, some media quickly began speculating a link between the virus and Al Qaeda, though this theory ended up proving unfounded.

Nimda affected both user workstations (clients) running Windows 95, 98, Me, NT,2000,or XP and servers running Windows NT and 2000.

The worm's name origin comes from the reversed spelling of it, which is "admin".


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