Why did usa finally became persuaded to enter ww1 ?!

First,it all started between Austria/Hungary and Serbia. USA remained neutral,but it all changed when Germany bombed USA's ships. President Wilson declared war on Germany. "This war will be the end of all wars". These were his famous words. By then,they got a telegram from London saying that Germany will protect Mexico if a war broke out between Mexico and USA. Finally USA was furious and had enough of it. USA entered WW1 in 1917, but one year later the war ended.

What weapons did they use?

During the war, people were getting exited more and more about the weapons. At that time in history,the most famous gun used was the Bolt-action rifle. Mostly the British used the the Bolt-action rifle.Although as much as we love tanks, they were horrible. Then finally someone smart, made them better , and tanks were used to either keep people out or blow up buildings. Also, chlorine gas was used to suffocate people.One of the most ins treating thing that planes were used to spy,and plane fights were called " dog fights". Machine guns needed 4-6 men to work.

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