Aussie, Aussie, Aussie Eat, Eat, Eat

After watching Super-size me by Morgan spur lock it is clear to see just how bad fast food really is for you, and how it is become a greater problem all over the world. Australia in particular is increasing up the charts of fattest countries, as fast as people are managing to put on weight. Did you know that there are more fast food restaurants in Australia then medical and health offices. Australia is amongst the top 5 fattest countries in the world and obesity has more than doubled in the past 20 years. If this weight gain continues like this by the year 2025 an estimated 80% of people will be overweight, that’s a third of all children born! Obesity has become worse than smoking in Australia taking more lives pre maturely. We not only as a country but as a nation need to take a stand and change the way we see ourselves. When people think of Australia they think of the outdoors the beaches and life outside but according to these facts that’s all just a myth that can be changed 1 person at a time. Small things can make an enormous change. Facts show that by the time our children hit the age of 20 they will have a shorter life expectancy. Raising awareness won’t work unless actions take place so be the first to make a change.

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