My Civil War Journal

By: Luke Kolder

This is for color.

Journal Entry #1            

My name is Thomas Grant Lerwick III. I live in New York in my families summer home. My family has had citizenship in America for over 100 years. Ancestors of mine came across from England during the times of the colonies, but retreated back to London when the Revolutionary war broke out. When things began to settle down my grandfather came across and formed relationships with very important American leaders. My family is still connected to them today. I was very bored of life back in England, and when I got a letter from an American friend that I could be a Captain for the Union army I jumped on the first boat to New York. I'm very excited to have this new leadership position and I'm looking forward to the success I will lead.

Journal Entry #2

Escabia: Come on now Carl the 5th, you’re bluffing.!!!!

Carl the 5th:: No I’m not, Escabia, look here comes Fillnelope!

Fillnelope: I am Played Out

Carl the 5th: Tell me about it I’ve been through the mill

Fillnelope:I got whipped by the gang. I think they were jailbirds. I really could use some goobers , Escabia.

Escabia: sure thing Fillnelope.

Kunaal jr, : Oh my I hear some hornets

Fillnelope: It must be the greybacks i'll grab my rifle. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo I just quick stepped my pants

(shots go through Fillnelope.)

Escabia: Oh No!!! Fillnelopes dead, AHHH

(Runs to Fillnelope, Graybacks shoot Escabia)

Carl the 5th: Escaba!!! No!!! Oh well….

Kunaal jr. : let’s skedaddle

Journal Entry #3

Dear Mother,

I hope this finds you well in London. My regiment has moved down to the capitol, and my living conditions are spectacular. I have a luxury tent all to myself , much nicer than you would expect. My leadership role is amazing, and I believe my addition to this army will lead the Union to victory. Don't worry, I have left the house in good hands, and if you ever wish to write to me send it to the regiment mailing post in Washington. Tell father I said hello.

Your son,


Journal Entry #4

Jeremiah, when you chose to leave your mother, what caused you to make that choice?

It was for the sake of the Confederacy. They needed my help to prosper in the war and I felt obliged to assist the Army in finding freedom. I also couldn't leave my brother alone. I would feel terrible If he would to die and I could have helped save his life.

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?

I'm very proud that I had the courage to go and help fight in the war. It was one of the most important decisions I have ever made.

Interview question 3

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I wished my mother hadn't become sick. Then I would not have been so worried about leaving her at Home. I would have been able to more focused during battle knowing my mother was healthy and fine.

Was James one of the dead? What will Jeremiah's reaction be if he is?
What if he isn't? Does seeing men die in battle change Jeremiah?

If James is dead I will be so sad. I will be happy that I fought at his side until his last breaths. If he is alive I will be filled with joy knowing that I can fight with him one more time and maybe visit home to see our mother. The deaths of all these men is terrible. This has changed me because I am so young, and war truly is a terrifying thing.

Journal Entry #5

Dear journal,

Now that I have been living here at camp for several months, I can realize how terrible camp life really is. Many days I am starving, and I am only getting fed small amounts sometimes because of my position. Some of my friends and I often play cards though to spend some down time. Most of the days I am very tired and extremely bored. Sick to my stomach most often because the quality of the food and water is very poor. If I had to choose a favorite food at camp it would be The Hardtack. I am fairly picky about having worms in it because of my background, so after removing those it is not that bad. I'll be writing often because it is one of my favorite hobbies.



Journal Entry #6

  Life of a Soldier


Johnny and the Boys

The Life of a Soldier ain't no fun,

All you do is shoot your gun.

Toilin' away in the Summer sun.

It's the life of a soldier! (x2)

We fight until we're bleedin out red,

My chest is full of searin' hot lead!

Getting real close to being quite dead!

It's the Life of a Soldier! (x2)

And I'm headin' back to bed...

Journal Entry #7

Dear Journal,

Sanitation at the camp is very different from back home. Many soldiers do not clean often and are so helpless, that they catch diseases such as malaria and diarrhea. Many soldiers are dying because of the weak conditions of the hospitals. Having doctors with not much medical training, and very short on supplies, operations are very hard to complete. Amputations often are very bloody, and result in death. Trying to stay healthy in this camp is extremely hard but I think I will power through it.



Journal Entry #8

Dear Journal,

I am writing this entry before I go into battle at Gettysburg. Mother, Father if you are seeing this, I probably won't be coming home. I would like to say sorry for the terrible crimes I have committed against mankind. I'm so sorry for leaving you and going to fight in this foolish battle. Please forgive me and fight against any war in London because war brings such terrible circumstances. If you send word to Washington they will send you the remains of my  belongings.

With love your son,


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