Martial Arts All Boys High School

This is a high school in Miami, Florida for boys only.  Our learning program consists of Martial Arts, Math, Technology, Reading, Public Speaking, Religion, and Gym.  We use only the Ipad and no books are included.  You have to bring your rental Ipad everyday to school. Our teachers will also have Ipads.

We will have Gym three times a week, Public Speaking twice a week, Martial Arts three times a week, Math everyday, Reading everyday, Religion everyday, and Technology everyday.  Our Martial Arts program will be about strength.  You will be getting stronger and learn how to defend yourself.  One of the main games in Gym that we will play is dodgeball.

We will have requirements to be accepted into this school.  You will have to take a test and based on your grade, you may be accepted.  You need to at least have a 85 average to stay in this school.  We will have a honors and scholars program in our school. 

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