Book Response!

It is on dyslexia.

This is a animated hospital by my next book response I will find a different one, I get that this one is boring.


    As I was reading my book I wondered many things.

I wondered what symptoms dyslexic patients would have. I also wondered what good things would come from being dyslexic. I also wondered how the medical web was treating this strange disease.


    As I read my book I realized that in all of the stories about dyslexic kids the kids try to hide that they are dyslexic. The reason they were trying to hide it was because they thought they were stupid and did not want to be humiliated. Also I noticed a "Aha Moment" When one of the kids went to the doctor and realized that he was not just stupid he was actually really smart but his mind found it hard to grasp concepts because he was dyslexic. Also an "Aha Moment" was when a doctor figured out that most dyslexic kids were actually very, very smart.

PS, This is Creighton's Father. I think this is an incredible realization from a child about people and how we are all different and awesome at the same time. I am proud of this.

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