Kent Hack Enough:
Learn how to Tackk

Welcome Hackers!

Keep it real by sharing info about your team, ideas, and questions with your fellow hackers that have already signed up for the Hackathon event. If you haven't signed up yet, then you better hurry before time runs out!

Hackathon Challenges:

Challenge #1: Learn how to code while sleeping.
Challenge #2: Stay up for a full 24 hours to see the sun rise.
Challenge #3: Watch out for the photographer. He takes blackmail pictures.
Challenge #4: Don't let this be you on presentation day.
Challenge #5: It's simple. ENJOY THE EXCELLENT FOOD.
Challenge #6: Go to these three awesome guys for advice and guidance.
Challenge #7: Drink coffee like it's your job.
Challenge #8: Enjoy the FREE stuff.
Challenge #9: Be respectful and pay attention on presentation day.
Challenge #10: This is just for pure enjoyment.