Japanese fashion

Japanese really love their fashion. They used a lot of weird colors that match their personality. To complete their outfit the nobles carried around delicate fans.

Japanese literature

Japanese nobles took great care with how they spoke and wrote. Many women wrote diaries and journals about their lives at court. While they wrote in their diaries they carefully chose their words carefully to make their writing beautiful.

Japanese visual art

Japanese nobles also loved their visual art. they liked bright, bold colors. Their panting always had a sense of nature.

Japanese architecture

The nobles worked to make their city beautiful. they also copied Chinese building styles expecially temples. for other building the nobles liked simple airy designs.

Japanese performing arts

People often gathered to watch performances by musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. The most popular performances were when actors skillfully mimicked other people. These were the roots of plays called noh, which are more serious drama plays.

Japanese noble art

These people had little to do with the citizen seldom left the city. Thesenobles enjoyed their lives of ease and privalage. The nobles of this court loved beauty and elegance.

Buddhism changes

The nobles religion reflected th

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