How the different medias cover a "5-year-old handcuffed, and placed in police car at school".

   This is a news report from CNN News talking about the topic of a 5 year old boy being out of hand at school and becoming a threat to the other students as well as himself. In result the boy was physically restrained by police officers with handcuffs and then put into a police car. This type of media coming straight from the T.V. is a good way of seeing a different side to the story when the mother is interviewed and tells of another similar time this happened but the process was taken differently and the police were not involved. This story was released by CNN News at 8:55pm on May 5, 2015 which is only two days ago making the story very recent and still quite controversial. Due to this report being on a national news station it allows for the audience to contain many different types of people.

"New York state police handcuff and shackle 'combative' five-year-old"

    This headline comes from a internet passage written by Ed Pilkington of New York discussing the actual event of the child being put into restraint. In the article it seems to make the story more "juicy" and "irresistible" to the eye by including words such as; combative, shackle, uncontrollable, and danger. The common phrase throughout the passage was of the child being a "heightened risk to safety." I found that since the  article was unable to put any visual interviews from both sides on it they had to add dramatics and stretch the truth in order to make the story desirable. This emphasis on the story makes it sound more about a psychotic teenager more so than a tempered 5-year-old child. The audience was meant for anyone due to this being internet based but had a target audience of New York residents due to the title and details of the area. This article was put up at 7:00PM on Monday May 4, 2015.

Police insist they were right to handcuff and shackle five-year-old special needs student 'throwing a tantrum' in his classroom

   This is a Newspaper article from Watertown Daily Times where the police insists they were right in this situation to due what they had to in order to keep the environment safe. The article goes on to tell how the teacher and staff tried to maintain the child for two hours until the police showed up calling it a "last resort". This is the only media I found that went into great depth about how outrageous the child was acting, "jumping from cabinets and desks, was attempting to jump out of a window ... he was stabbing himself with pencils and eating paper." The article later goes on to tell how the parents of the child are further going to pursue legal action by suing the school district for severe emotional trauma and anxiety caused to her son. This Newspaper Article was published on May 2, 2015 at 3:48PM. The intended audience of this was the Watertown area and the entire state of New York especially if the story impacted you or family specifically.


     My overall reaction to this topic is that I truly am conflicted due to me researching this topic with different media sources.  My opinions vary among the different media outlooks because in their own way they offer a different side to the story. I chose to do this story because of the way the headlines and comments of other Americans drew me into the event. The different small ways this story was explained really made me think and left a different impression on me each time. One moment I am questioning on whether this is a real story or not and the other article I am shocked at how the change in vocabulary use can make a 5-year-old child sound like a maniac.

                                                                    By: Bryanna H.

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