Week of Feb. 9

1. How did you make the theme your own?

Well, for one, I used my own boyfriend, and that's my own. But I also wanted to tell a story with the picture, and I think that was a unique approach.

2. What do you like about your photo?

I really love the story and the coloring, and the clarity

3. What would you change?

I might change the way he's holding it.

4. What actions did you run and what did you do with these actions?

I ran nice and easy to heighten the contrast and clarity. I also used it to darken the photo. Then I made the photo black and white (no action, just the settings on the side).

5. Who's photo was your favorite from last week?

Of the ones that are posted now, I like Danielle Ahern's because the actions she ran make it have a very unique scifi feel.