Civilian Space Travel

Do you think civilians should be allowed into space? I think that civilians should not be allowed into space. These are some reasons why. It would be to expensive. The civilians would have to be taught on what space is like, and how dangerous it could be.

        If civilians want to go into space it would cost them a fortune or maybe their whole life. It takes time and lots of money to build a spaceship. So that's why its expensive to go into space. If your considering of going into I would get a better job if I were you, and it would be a waste of money.

       Do you really want to be taught about on how to work a spaceship or what space is like. No because your not a professional. It takes lots of time as it is for astronauts to do work that is productive instead of going into space for maybe a day.

       Do you a regular ordinary civilian want to risk your life just to go into space, I would, would if I didn't get hurt. I you wouldn't get hurt if you where up there for a short time. Plus it its a free country so we should be able to go into space.

      Don't go to space it would be a waste of time, money and maybe your whole life. Space is for the experts.

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