Anne Frank

By: Allison Winslow

Anne Frank is famous because of her diary that she wrote in during World War II. In her diary she wrote about how life was in hiding and what life was like for Jews during World War II. Anne and her family went in hiding because of the Nazis and the fear of being killed by Hitler and his Nazis. Soon before the war was over she was murdered by the Nazis

10 Facts about Anne Frank

1. Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany.

2. In 1947 Anne's Diary is published.

3. Anne's diary sold more than 30 million copies and was translated into 67 different languages.

4. Somebody betrayed Anne's family and turned them in.

5. On March 1945 Anne died from typhus in the Bergen-Belson Concentration camp

6. Her dad was the only one to survive in the Frank family.

7. When Anne and her family went into hiding Anne couldn't bring her cat with them.

8. Anne's real name is Annelies Marie Frank.

9. On July 5, 1942 Anne's sister Margot received a letter for her to report to a Nazi work camp.

10. Otto was the only one who survived out of the secret annex.

Anne's Diary


June 12, 1929 ~ Anne Frank is born

April 1, 1933 ~ Boycott of Jewish stores

November 10, 1938 ~ Night of the broken glass

September 1, 1939 ~ Germany invades Poland and the start of World War II has begun

May 1940 ~ Germany attacks on the Netherlands

June 24, 1940 ~ Nazis capture Paris

February 22, 1941 ~ Nazis arrest Jews in Amsterdam  

May 3, 1942 ~ Jews are forced to wear the star of David on their coats

June 12, 1942 ~ Anne receives a diary for her 12th birthday

July 5, 1942 ~ Margot receives a letter that states that she must report to a Nazi work camp in Germany

July 6, 1942 ~ the Franks go into hiding

May 26, 1942 ~ 3,000 Jews are deported to extermination camps

August 4, 1944 ~ the family is discovered and arrested

January 1942 ~ Edith Frank dies

February  1945 ~ Margot Frank dies in  Bergen-Belsen from typhus

February 1945 ~ Anne dies in Bergen-Belson from typhus

September 2, 1945 ~ World War II is over

September 10, 1945 ~ Otto Frank returns and is the only one to survive  from the Secret Annex

People who lived in The Secret Annex

Why Anne is a Hero

Anne Frank is a hero because she tells the world how life was like in World War II. When you read Anne's diary it feels like you are right there experiencing everything that she was. If she didn't write in her diary the world today wouldn't know how life was like for Jews in World War II.

Why is my topic important

It is important for people to know about Anne Frank because she is an important writer in History and she lived during World War II and everyday she would write everything down that was going on around her. But if people don't know about her then they don't know how bad it was for Jews during World War II. And if she didn't write in her journal nobody would care about what happened to the Jews and what happened during World War II.

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