Working as a Group Toward a Goal

In Warren Johnson of Hyde Park, New York’s current career choice as a property manager, his comfort with tight social groups serves him well. Warren works to unite his tenants into a friendly, mutually helpful group, happily living in beautifully maintained apartments in a lovely property setting. This idealistic viewpoint gives Warren a touchpoint from which to work his management magic. He would prefer nothing better than tenant families, loving and loved, as the jewel in his property management crown.

Warren Johnson Hyde Park New York enjoys his leisure time, a time to recharge batteries and change focus for a while. As a child, Warren enjoyed sports, especially enjoying basketball. Since his days of participation in the Poughkeepsie Elks foul shooting contests, an energetic game of B-ball has helped Warren re-connect with his need for physical activity. Today, Warren’s favorite basketball team is Notre Dame, with Kentucky, ranked number one, as a strong runner up. In the NBA, Warren Johnson of Hyde Park, New York feels the strongest back court belongs to the Golden State Warriors.

Basketball depends on the work of a tightly knit group of teammates, working together to produce one end result. The best and most successful basketball coaches have worked to bring out the best in each individual player, but also to encourage each one to know the other, finding the positive in each of their teammates and bonding them into a unit. Similarly, Warren Johnson of Hyde Park, New York views his management team as most effective when working together toward a common goal, finding the redeeming qualities in one another which bond them together toward that goal.