the skills you have to have for this job

*you have to have steady hands

*you have to have confidence

*You need to know the humans anatomy so you know where to cut

*you have to have be in a calm room so your concentrated

*you have to have a strong surgical team so you know what your doing

Reports to

you report to the chief of surgery who is the boss of the hospital

Job purpose

To have a career and you get to save many people a day.You have the opportunity of a life time  because if you become a surgeon you have to know the facts about everything needs to know about surgery from knowing what equipment to use to knowing were to give a shot.


*One of the duties you need is to have confidence that you will save the person laying on the table

*responsibility's that i need are to scrub in before surgery before i put the gloves on so if theirs a hole in my glove I wont infect the person on the table

*To have a OR ready and set to go and have scrub nurses and someone else in there to help me

*if you a surgeon you need to know math and how much blood to give the person or what blood type they are


*I need to go to school for medication for five years then ten years just to learn how to be a surgeon

*Technology skills i need are how to do x-rays and look up peoples information for medical and surgery's

*Ability's I need are need to have full attention and be ready for anything to happen

*Maybe need to be athletic and need to eat right to show example to other people around you


                                                 A surgeon makes $200,000