Valentines Card Critiques

Valentines card like 1: Ignore the "click here full resolution". I love this one because all the text/fonts and creativeness.

Valentine Card like 2: I really like this Valentines Day Card, because it has a cute picture and text. It's really nice and has radiant colors.

Valentines Card like 3: I love this because if your white, black, mexican if your in love. Then your in love nothing can come in between.

Valentines card like 4: I really like the picture. This picture is nice and simple but shows alot of love.

Valentines card 5: I like this one with all the hearts in love. I also like how its nice and simple.

Valentines dislike card 1: i didn't like the message. I would like it to say more things to there valentine!

Valentines dislike card 2: I disliked the bear it seemed unrealistic. Could of put more text, and showed the love.

Valentines dislike 3: Should of put more hearts or even Happy Valentines would be nice.

Valentines dislike 4: Could of put a sentence of text or something in the elephant. other than that the colors and all are cute.

Valentines dislike card 5: Disliked that there should of been a love quote or something would go with it. and maybe more colors.

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