a place i personally i like is the music hall here is a picture of it

AUSTIN is also known for a lot OF BATS so check out the musseum

there are a LOT of bats in Austin and when I mean a lot Imean 2 MILLION bats can fly over your head out of no were


  1. Hippie Hollow Park is a park located on the shore of Lake Travis in northwest Austin 30°24′47″N 97°52′55″W / 30.413°N 97.882°W. It is the only legally recognized clothing-optional public park in the State of Texas. Wikipedia

this is Hippie Hollow

  1. Lady Bird Lake is a reservoir on the Colorado River in Downtown Austin, Texas, in the United States. Wikipedia
  2. Area: 468 acres (189 ha)
  3. Surface elevation: 427' (130 m)
  4. Outflow location: Colorado River
  5. Inflow source: Colorado River
  6. Cities: Austin
  7. Bridges: Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, Lamar Boulevard Bridge

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