David Pelzer

Biography for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class made
by MS 5th hour

David Pelzer was born on Thursday, December 29, 1960, he is currently still living, hes 53.  He was beat to death by his mom for 10 years.

5 Unique Facts

Davids mother beat him. David and his mother had to go to court because people found out his mom beat him. David was removed from his real home and was put into two different foster homes. The first home he was living there before court and then after he was moved to a different home where his mom doesn't know. David made a lot of new friends at the foster home.

Significant Events in History that Affected David

Significant events that affected David was that he was a self-man. He made a lot of books on his life like "A Child Called It", "A Lost Boy", and "A Man Named Dave".


Davids childhood was horrible. With 3 boys including himself he was the youngest. His mom always hated him, she would lock him in a bathroom with pneumonia, chlorine, and other bad stuff. His mom would beat him, stab him, practically try to kill him. She sometimes would make him throw up to see if he ate anything.  

People that Influenced Him

David influenced himself. He was brave enough to write books about his life, to tell people how badly his mom hurt him. People are now reading all his books because he is such an amazing writer.

Words of Advice

"I learned that the new wings set of directives were less strict." (pg. 193)  "I let out a sigh. Doesn't anything stay the same anymore? I asked myself in a sarcastic voice." (pg. 235)  "As much as I loved Duinsmore, I knew I couldn't keep living like I did." pg. 278)


David got away from his mom at age 12. His teachers risked their jobs to help him. They did everything to get him away from him mom. David was put in a foster home because the court put him their to be away from his mom.

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