The plague paragraph

by Jack Adrian

The Bubonic Plague affected the nobles in two big ways,the nobles lost their money and power. One effect on the nobles was the need for peasant workers to harvest the crops to make money.Sometimes the nobles would have to work for themselves,The peasants got  freedom and that affected the nobles by the loss of power. Most of the time the nobles were used to bossing around the peasants and after the plague the peasants got more power and it shifted from nobles and kings to mostly common people and the nobles still wanted to regain power.The second way it affected the nobles is the shift of power from high ranking nobles to common people. After the plague a common person could afford things that nobles can have. The nobles also lost a whole lot of workers and they were desperate for them so they lost power and the peasants got higher pay. This was the decline the nobles power to they common people. This was the effect on the nobles after the plague.

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