Martian Chronicles Imagery

"As far as he could see the trees were standing up against the sky... and not little trees, no, not saplings, not little tender shoots, but great trees, huge trees as tall as ten men green and green and huge and round and full..."

(The Green Morning- Page 77)

"It rose full and green like a fine cut stone above the hills..."

(The Off Season-Page 143)

"...among the cooking odors of wieners, warm buns, rich butter..."

("The Off Season- Page 143)

"He did not turn. He felt a cold wind blowing. He was afraid to turn..."

(The Off Season- page 137)

"And for supper he had prepared a filet mignon which she didn't like because it was too rare"

(The Silent Towns- Page 153)

"there was a little white silent town on the edge of the dead Martian sea. The town was empty nobody moved in it. lonely lights burned in the stores all day..."

(The Silent Towns- Page 145)

"Not a sound. no birds. no cars. only his heart beating. beat pause beat again."

"Not a sound. No birds. no cars. only his heart beating."

"He awoke to a tap on his brow. Water ran down his nose into his lips. another drop his his eye blurring it, another splashed his skin."

(The Green Morning- Page 76)

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3 years ago

Your pictures correspond really well with the quotes!

3 years ago

Good job, I like the last one a lot